About Cold Ghost

Cold Ghost is singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer, Fletcher Babb. 

Originally from Perth, Fletch moved with his family to the Gold Coast in 2011. His moniker is more than just a spoonerism of his adopted city, it’s a reflection of how he observes and interprets what’s right in front of us.

Fuelled by curiosity, Fletch explores songwriting as a vehicle for stories – real and imagined – and uses post-production as an extension of his instrumentation.

His latest project is an exploration of Ngarang-wal (The Nerang River) through sound and song. This project is supported by HOTA’s Artkeeper program and uses field recording and sound design along with his alt-folk songwriting style to reflect the history, stories and flow of Gold Coast’s largest river.

Fletch is also deaf in his right ear from childhood mumps, but this has not ever stood in the way of his exploration of the stereo world. Just recently Fletch has had the opportunity to help design a national songwriting program for d/Deaf and disabled songwriters through APRA and Access Arts.

His most recent release is a collaborative song with Brisbane Banjo artist Andrew Tuttle called “Nobody’s Home (There’s Always a Crow)” and his latest album “Dominoes” was written, recorded and produced entirely in Fletch’s home studio and was a finalist for Release of the Year in the 2022 Gold Coast Music Awards. 

Fletch is also the creator, curator and composer of the successful stage show “Stories in the Key of GC”, marrying spoken word with music and sound to explore rich local narratives of the city of the Gold Coast.