Stories in the Key of GC

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This year I received a creative development grant from HOTA (Home of the Arts) to put on a show…..and not just any ordinary show.

On October the 18th at The Basement at HOTA (Gold Coast) I will be presenting Stories in the Key of GC. 4 story tellers will each present a true Gold Coast story live on stage with myself providing the soundtrack.

I am pretty excited about this project as I get to collaborate with some great local storytellers and get to be creative with sound and music. All live on stage.

Also it is the first time that ABC’s Bern Young and me have been on stage together….that alone is an exciting thing….

You can buy tickets here

Stories in the Key of GC @ HOTA

If you are on the GC on the 18th of October…you must come along….


Venue: The Basement, HOTA

Date: 18th October, 2019

Host: Bern Young

Music: Fletcher Babb. AKA Cold Ghost

Story tellers: Amy McDonald, Tim Baker, Lystra Bisschop and Sean Flanagan (Flan)

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‘Hide it all Away’ featured in short film “Outline”

I am very happy to share with you this short film from Norway which features my song ‘Hide it all Away‘ from Cold Ghost’s album ‘Bachelor Tapes’. The Norwegian title is Omriss (Outline) and explores a young woman’s grief returning to her mother’s home after her death. Thanks to sound designer Andreas Pettersson for thinking of this track and well done on getting this film out there.

Omriss (Outline)

Look out for the bar scene. I like that dancing……and lonely drinking



No Love….Spirit of Churaki


I am really excited to share the first single from the Spirit of Churaki project, part of Bleach Fest 2018. I helped engineer these recordings and mixed this first single. Like all of the Churaki tracks, everything is recorded live in one room. Eleven musicians if I recall. But thanks to the room at Studio Circuit in Burleigh Heads, it sounds pretty good.

Keep an ear out for more tracks to come. And if you see the Spirit of Churaki project perform anywhere near you….please go check them out….



No Love….Spirit of Churaki

All The Sex I Ever Had

Cold Ghost is proud to be the Sound Designer/MC for this this great production being staged on the Gold Coast 3-5th of October. The show explores the (sex) lives of 6 locals of the older generation. 6 lovely people who truely open up their own lives for the audience. I will be playing the soundtrack and counting up the years….I might even ask you about your own sex life….

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Tickets are available here HOTA Tickets

And check out all the other fascinating, weird and culture infused shows this production company does around the world Mammalian Diving Reflex

Songs with Friends….


Caleb James and Cold Ghost wrote a song. In fact Caleb James wrote four songs with four friends and peers. It makes me proud to share the results of Caleb’s tenacity and passion for songwriting and music production. Check out ‘Songs With Friends’ @

We wrote the song “Like I don’t Know You” over about an hour, with Caleb on piano and me on nylon stringed guitar. As with many song writing sessions, our conversations helped mould the song writing, as we talked about life and family and relationships.

I remember as soon as we finished writing this song, we both had 15 minutes on our schedule to write one more song each. We went our seperate ways and I wrote one of my favourite songs I have ever written “Desperation is a Friend of Mine”. Song writing with friends and peers helps to generate new creative pathways, in ways that one can not generate on their own. Thanks Caleb.