‘Cyclones and Sickness’ by Sean Flanagan

Here we have the final episode from the first Stories in the Key of GC event.


Sean Flanagan, aka Flan, delivered this story only a few hours after the death of his Father. For a guy best known for making people laugh, this story explores the power of love and family in facing sickness and death. The music is largely improvised over a number of pre prepared themes. Sean and myself never actually rehearsed this story.

I play Sean’s own beloved steel string guitar and Jake Morton joins in on drums at the end.

Thanks for your honesty and bravery in sharing this story Sean. It is a powerful performance.

‘The Volunteer’ by Amy McDonald

Here is Amy McDonald’s hilarious story ‘The Volunteer’, performed live on stage at last year’s debut event of Stories in the Key of GC.


Amy recounts her experience at a volunteers training day for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. There are a classic cast of characters, from the Canadian training staff to ‘Itchy Guy’ and one very special character steers the story into almost calamitous sequence of events. Introducing ‘Val’, the ultimate volunteer.

I play a button accordion, upright guitar (like an upright bass) and trigger pre prepared music inspired by cheesy corporate promo soundtracks. Thanks to Jake Morton for sitting in on the drums and the impromptu “boom tish”.

Please enjoy ‘The Volunteer’.

‘Death Cures’ by Lystra Bisschop

Here is Lystra Bisschop’s story ‘Death Cures’

‘Death Cures’ by Lystra Bisschop

Lystra shares her personal story about facing death and finding the cure. It is a testament to making brave life choices and gives truth to surfing as a healing practise.

I play the bass and concert flutes and use a loop station to create a breathy, ethereal sound design to support Lystra’s narrative.

This collaboration was a special one. It was serendipitous that Lystra used to be a flute player. After being told by her doctor not to play the instrument into the future, I felt privileged to use the flute to help tell her story.

A small correction from Bern Young’s intro from the night. The title for Lystra’s debut novel is ‘The Upwelling’ and the protagonist’s name is Kirra.

Stories in the Key of GC Podcast…Episode 1

We have lift off….

The first episode of the Stories in the Key of GC’s podcast is here…



Tim Baker performs his slam-poem story ‘A Surfer’s Paradise’. It explores his move to the Gold Coast as young surf writer, the initial disconnect and the growing love for the GC over the decades. The music is inspired by Gansta rap, surf rock and the jangly, muted guitar stylings of Ernest Ranglin.

Fletch (aka Cold Ghost) and Tim are joined on stage by drummer Jake Morton with Bern Young introducing.

The story comes with apologies to Coolio and Jim Cavill.

Stories in the Key of GC 2020

I am proud to announce that there will be 3x more Stories in the Key of GC events in 2020….

Thanks to the City of Gold Coast Council and Arts Queensland for helping fund this project through their Regional Arts Development Fund and to HOTA, Home of the Arts for all their support in hosting this wonderful live storytelling show.

I will be uploading the first podcast episode from last years debut very soon. So keep your ears peeled.

So, I hope that you can join me, Cold Ghost and all the incredible storytellers and artists that will make up Stories in the Key of GC 2020.

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