HOTA’s Artkeeper Program

Cold Ghost was awarded the most excellent opportunity in late 2022. Eight months as a part-time paid artist as part of Home of the Arts’ Artkeeper program.

My inside workspace

I can not underestimate how much of an opportunity this is and has become for me. I am afforded time to fully embrace and digest the creative process whilst having the support and resources of HOTA itself.

I share this space with three other artists as we each tackle our own arts project. As 2023 goes on, this space will continue to evolve as I bring in more instruments and furniture to keep me creating.

My project is an exploration of the Nerang River in sound and song. The Nerang (or Ngarang-Wal) is the Gold Coast’s largest waterway and is the heart of Australia’s 6th largest city.

I will be writing songs that explore the history, stories and flow of this winding river. I will be looking at the first nations connections as well as the more recent, developed nature of the environment.

My first creative adventure to the river was in the first few days of 2023 with my brother Courtney. We found a little spot on Little Nerang Creek and I recorded a song as well as some field recordings of the environment and of the river itself.

Using my Aquarian Audio Hydrophone

I have created a new Substack blog where you can read about my adventures and listen to some works in progress along the way. Just follow the link and click subscribe to receive my posts in your email.


Also follow me on Instagram @cold_ghost_music

Thank you once again HOTA, Home of the Arts (especially Ash) for believing in me and my project and thanks also to Wesley Enoch for challenging me and my arts process.

I hope you enjoy the ride!