Songs with Friends….


Caleb James and Cold Ghost wrote a song. In fact Caleb James wrote four songs with four friends and peers. It makes me proud to share the results of Caleb’s tenacity and passion for songwriting and music production. Check out ‘Songs With Friends’ @ https://calebjames.com/

We wrote the song “Like I don’t Know You” over about an hour, with Caleb on piano and me on nylon stringed guitar. As with many song writing sessions, our conversations helped mould the song writing, as we talked about life and family and relationships.

I remember as soon as we finished writing this song, we both had 15 minutes on our schedule to write one more song each. We went our seperate ways and I wrote one of my favourite songs I have ever written “Desperation is a Friend of Mine”. Song writing with friends and peers helps to generate new creative pathways, in ways that one can not generate on their own. Thanks Caleb.

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