Stories in the Key of GC

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This year I received a creative development grant from HOTA (Home of the Arts) to put on a show…..and not just any ordinary show.

On October the 18th at The Basement at HOTA (Gold Coast) I will be presenting Stories in the Key of GC. 4 story tellers will each present a true Gold Coast story live on stage with myself providing the soundtrack.

I am pretty excited about this project as I get to collaborate with some great local storytellers and get to be creative with sound and music. All live on stage.

Also it is the first time that ABC’s Bern Young and me have been on stage together….that alone is an exciting thing….

You can buy tickets here

Stories in the Key of GC @ HOTA

If you are on the GC on the 18th of October…you must come along….


Venue: The Basement, HOTA

Date: 18th October, 2019

Host: Bern Young

Music: Fletcher Babb. AKA Cold Ghost

Story tellers: Amy McDonald, Tim Baker, Lystra Bisschop and Sean Flanagan (Flan)

 #hotagc #hotacreates #creativegold #coldghostmusic


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