‘Death Cures’ by Lystra Bisschop

Here is Lystra Bisschop’s story ‘Death Cures’

‘Death Cures’ by Lystra Bisschop

Lystra shares her personal story about facing death and finding the cure. It is a testament to making brave life choices and gives truth to surfing as a healing practise.

I play the bass and concert flutes and use a loop station to create a breathy, ethereal sound design to support Lystra’s narrative.

This collaboration was a special one. It was serendipitous that Lystra used to be a flute player. After being told by her doctor not to play the instrument into the future, I felt privileged to use the flute to help tell her story.

A small correction from Bern Young’s intro from the night. The title for Lystra’s debut novel is ‘The Upwelling’ and the protagonist’s name is Kirra.

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