old music

‘Little Ghost’ from Fletch’s Anecdote, 2008.

I was just poking around my old Soundcloud account and came across my old track ‘Little Ghost’ recorded a good 10 years before I adopted the moniker Cold Ghost.

The song reflects on the one young child who died on the journey by ship from Australia to South America on William Lane’s ill fated New Australia project in the 1890’s. His body thrown overboard, he is the first casualty of Lane’s utopian vision. In my mind he became a ghost of the Pacific.

Featuring the pedal steel of Lucky Oceans and dbl bass of Phillip Waldron, the song was a part of my album Fletch’s Anecdote released in 2008, part funded by The Australia Council. I produced it with Rob Grant at Poon’s Head Studio in East Fremantle. We recorded Rob’s children for the atmospheric kids voices.

I have never put this and my other 2x Fletch albums online….Maybe in 2003 for the 20th anniversary of my very first album.

Fletch (aka Cold Ghost)

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