Desh’s Story ‘Smells Like GC’ – Nirvana’s infamous GC gig of 1992

Strap yourselves in folks for a hilarious tale that goes back 30 years to the infamous Nirvana gig at Fisherman’s Wharf on the GC in 1992.


Desh takes you on three seperate car trips to the Gold Coast in a coming of age story of comedy nights at the GC Arts Centre, the famous Nirvana gig on the day they broke number one on the charts and of finding his way back with his young family to put down their roots.

The music is loose and a bit wild, just like the narrative. Thanks to Jake Morton as always on drums and to Dan Booth on electric guitar. I play bass guitar and piano.

Thanks so much Desh for sharing your story and thanks also to Bern Young.

Also many thanks to Peter Tong for the photos, HOTA for all their support with the venue, BlankGC and to RADF, Regional Arts Development Fund for all their support.