Brand new Stories from Storyfest 2022

In mid March, Stories in the Key of GC presented a special show at Somerset Storyfest, the Gold Coast’s own literary Festival. Two Somerset students shared their true GC stories with me and Jake Morton on stage for three performances and would like to finally share them with you.

Ayla Chirathivat-Geralds loves the world and when the pandemic hit in 2020, she knew that she would not be going on an aeroplane for quite some time. But luckily for her she discovered that the place she calls home is a pretty wonderful place. This is ‘The Girl Who Loved the World’


Emmeline Anthony’s story ‘When This Becomes Enough’ tackles an issue I know I felt when I was in my teens. Why go outside when I am totally comfortable inside my room? My perfectly safe space.


Thanks so much to Ayla and Emmeline for writing and performing a story just for this occasion. Thanks to Jake Morton once again for being such a great musician and technician. And thanks to Andrea Lewis and the team at Storyfest and all the staff and students at Somerset College.