Stories in the Key of GC “Love on the Beach”

I have got to say…I thoroughly enjoyed Friday night’s Stories in the Key of GC….

On the day restrictions were finally lifted to 100 people in Qld, we performed a special show themed “Love on the Beach” at Gold Coast’s HOTA, Home of the Arts.

“Oh Bernadette”

Banquo, Jonquil and myself opened the night with Dvorak’s ‘Going Home’ from his New World Symphony. Piano and two flutes signalling in a new era after an almost 4 months of Covid lockdown. The ghost light was taken offstage and the stage lights came up. It was the kids first real gig and I am a proud papa bear.

The Babb Family Singers in harmony

Matt Eaton delivered a hilarious story looking back on the awkward teen years negotiating love at Keebra State High. The story ends with his first kiss on New Years Eve in Surfer’s Paradise in 1981. There was a little bit of disco, new wave and John Hughes inspired music thrown in.

Ann Wason Moore told a powerful story of a love of two homes, Texas, USA and the Gold Coast and how she came to love the latter. I performed guitar and piano (at the same time) and wove a subtle soundtrack around her funny and touching narrative.


We included a new segment called Audience Anecdotes Anonymous, where the audience submits their own true Gold Coast stories inspired by Love on the Beach. I loved the variety. Well done GC. This might just become a regular thing for Stories shows in the future.

AAA, Audience Stories Anonymous

I also debuted my ‘Love on the Beach’ triptych and even gave Bernadette kiss on stage. there was love at Home of the Arts on Friday night.

Look out for the new podcast episodes. Matt Eaton’s story will be the first to arrive in a couple of weeks.

Ann Wason Moore, Banquo, Fletch, Bern, Matt Eaton and Jonquil

Thanks again to HOTA for asking us back. I can’t wait for the next show in November.

The Babb Family Singers

Book it in.

Friday, November the 13th 2020.

See you there.

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