Cold Ghost’s new album ‘Dominoes’

I have finally released my second Cold Ghost album called Dominoes….and I would totally love for you to hear it….

Buy it here at Bandcamp…

Or just listen here on Spotify…

All songs are written and recorded with a detuned nylon stringed guitar. Tuned to my favourite guitar tuning, Madagascan, which is a variation of drop C.

This is pretty much a DIY album, written, recorded and produced in my little home studio in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. But I did have some very special people add their wonderful textures to the songs.

Thanks Jake Morton on drums, Ben Dougherty and Daniel Booth on guitars, Eliza Pickard on vocals. Thanks Jonquil Babb for your vocals and art ideas, Banquo Babb, Bern Young and Matt Scheier for their voices. And thank you to Tess Stewart for sketching the artwork. As always thanks Heath Properjohn for formatting my artwork.

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