Marni Little’s True GC story ’20/20 is Hindsight’

Marni’s story explores 12 months filled with the promise of a new life in a new city, a career trajectory on the up and a cancer diagnosis that could have taken her down. With humour and a sense of wonder, Marni navigates the peaks and valleys life throws her way as she makes a home for her young family on the Gold Coast.


If I had half the courage to navigate all that Marni has had to navigate, I think I would be alright.

This is the last story to share from the October 30th show at HOTA and was actually the first story of the night.

I play flute, piano and guitar alongside my wingmen for the night Daniel Booth on electric guitar and Jake Morton on drums. We had a lot of fun putting this music together. 

Thanks again to Bern Young for hosting the evening, to HOTA for all their support with the venue, BlankGC and to RADF, Regional Arts Development Fund for all their support.

And a huge thank you to Peter Tong for the photos, Marni and to everyone in the crowd that night.

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